Specialty Electrical Services

Versed in Specialty Industries such as Food Processing, Water Treatment, Chemical Plants, Medical Facilities and more.

Specialty Industries require specialty contractors. You can trust our electricians are highly-experienced and skilled to work in complex & unique environments.

Specialty Areas

Water/Wastewater Electrical Contractor

Providing new construction, expansion, and modification services for electrical systems in utility water/wastewater plants, pump and lift stations.

Food Processing Electrical Contractor

Furnishing high-quality electrical work with electricians that are trained to meet rigorous food processing standards, procedures, and requirements. Our completed projects in food processing include: meat, dairy, baking, frozen and packaged food preparation.

Medical Facilities Electrical Contractor

Delivering optimal electrical systems to ensure safe and reliable environments in medical facilities, hospitals, medical centers, urgent cares, and medical buildings.

Chemical Plants Electrical Contractor

Supplying expert electrical work for the design, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems in complex Chemical Plants and Facilities.


High Standards & Quality of work


Safety-trained and knowledgeable in complex industries

Timely and Reliable Results

What to Expect

Tech specialists, on-site supervisors, and project managers with years of experience in specialty industries

Workforce that is trained in meeting rigorous standards and procedures

Rapid Response – addressing issues with a sense of urgency

Customer centered philosophy

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